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  • Toward the Integral Internet

    The Social Web: Yours, Mine, and Ours

    If Web 1.0 was the "published Web" and The Cluetrain Manifesto predicted what was to become the social Web (Web 2.0), I believe the next iteration, Web 3.0, will be the "Integral Internet," where the noosphere of virtual knowledge gets better and better at interacting with our deepest human needs, values, and experiences. | Read more.

  • Designing an Agile Learning Culture for Teams and Organizations

    CultureCon 2012

    I was fortunate to attend CultureCon in Boston, which focused on designing workgroup practices that embrace agile, nimble learning. This is the world into which our students will be growing. (I’ll be processing all the conference insights for a long time. In the meantime, here are my raw tweets.) One of the most exciting sessions led […] | Read more.

  • Toward learner-centered education in Maine

    Learner-centered education in Maine

    To illustrate learner-centered instruction in action, the Maine Department of Education funded a series of videos focusing on students and teachers at schools that are leading the way. | Read more.

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    NYT: Grouping students by ability — once rejected over concerns of inequality — regains favor with educators. http://t.co/88tNj1VOe8
    13 months ago
    The true cause of heart disease: "inflammation in our blood vessels caused by the low fat diet recommended for years by mainstream medicine"
    14 months ago
    Early MIT MOOC research indicates students who got offline help scored higher http://t.co/JMOD5Ogk4K #blendedlearning http://t.co/gfFCrfIU65
    14 months ago
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