Advancing the Web to empower people

From the Web in Society program at the World Wide Web Foundation.

“Creation of locally-relevant content on the Web is impeded in many places by the lack of knowledge and technology. Life-critical information and services are in limited supply, especially for those who need help the most.

“The Web in Society Program is the Web Foundation’s first step toward filling the ‘content gap’, the Web Foundation works directly in the field to provide grass roots organizations, governments, NGOs and entrepreneurs with the knowledge, training and tools to share locally-relevant information more effectively.

“Our initial focus is to support projects that foster social and economic progress in developing countries, and within sectors such as agriculture, health care, education, institutional transparency, women’s challenges and other topics of local and global relevance. Enabling content that is accessible on mobile phones will be key, especially in developing countries where mobiles are the dominant communication device. Exploring the use of voice as a first-class interface to the real Web is another goal.

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