Disruptive innovation in higher education

From Clayton M. Christensen, Michael B. Horn, Louis Caldera, and Louis Soares: Disruptive innovation is the process by which a sector that has previously served only a limited few, because its products and services were complicated, expensive, and inaccessible, is transformed into one whose products and services are simple, affordable, and convenient and serves many... Continue Reading →

A month inside walled gardens

I know the pendulum spirals between "information wants to be free" and "information want to be expensive" and I think we come out at a more expansive level most of the time. It's just that the exclusionary approach makes me nervous.

Maine college guarantees jobs

"Thomas College in Waterville, Maine is trying to help students land that first job. The liberal arts school guarantees a job to students who are able to keep a certain GPA, among other requirements, within six months of graduating; or else they can come back to Thomas and take classes for free, or have the... Continue Reading →

Bates College ahead of the curve on Web 2.0 /@GlobeIdeas

Posted by Christopher Shea on September 28, 2010 "Bates College has a striking web page that aggregates links to all sorts of web content produced by Bates alumni. "Facebook groups, blogs by alumni, LinkedIn groups, Flickr photos -- the page runs the gamut." (Hat tip: Bryan Alexander, via Dan Cohen.) Excerpts from The Boston Globe

James Martin on the challenges of the 21st century

Excerpts from James Martin's 2007 book and documentary (preview | complete). Martin is founder of the Oxford Martin School (previously the 21st Century School). http://vimeo.com/2750723 "At the start of the 21st century, humankind finds itself on a non-sustainable course – a course that, unless it is changed, will lead to catastrophes of awesome consequences. At... Continue Reading →

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