DIY: From Whole Earth Review to This Old House

“In the 1970s, DIY spread through the North American population of college- and recent-college-graduate age groups. In part, this movement involved the renovation of affordable, rundown older homes. But it also related to various projects expressing the social and environmental vision of the 1960s and early 1970s. The young visionary Stewart Brand, working with friends and family, and initially using the most basic of typesetting and page-layout tools, published the first edition of The Whole Earth Catalog (subtitled Access to Tools) in late 1968….

“The Catalog’s publication both emerged from and spurred the great wave of experimentalism, convention-breaking, and do-it-yourself attitude of the late 1960s. Often copied, the Catalog appealed to a wide cross-section of people in North America and had a broad influence. …

“In the 1970s, when home video (VCRs) came along, DIY instructors quickly grasped its potential for demonstrating processes by audio-visual means. In 1979, This Old House, starring Bob Vila, premiered on PBS and started the DIY television revolution. The show was immensely popular, educating people on how to improve their living conditions (and the value of their house) without the expense of paying someone to do it.”

Discovering the Warriors series of children’s novels

My 7-year-old daughter has discovered, and become enamored by, a series of novels called Warriors. The observations of animal behavior, human archetypes, and themes of integrating opposites have caught my interest, too. A definite improvement over fairies and princesses.

“Warriors … follows the adventures of four Clans of wild cats in their forest homes…. The New Forest in southern England was the base for the forest where the original series took place. Other influential locations include Loch Lomond, the Scottish Highlands and the Forest of Dean.

“Authors that Tolkien, Ursula K. Le Guin, Shakespeare, J. K. Rowling, and Enid Blyton. Major themes in the series include forbidden love, nature versus nurture, the reactions of different faiths meeting each other, and characters being a mix of good and bad.”

Excerpts from Wikipedia

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