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Steven Rosenbaum on curation, community and the future of news

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From Steven Rosenbaum via Nieman Reports: …Today, the idea of journalist as curator is front and center, as the tools to make and tell stories are now in the hands of anyone with a cell phone, laptop or desktop computer. The old barriers to entry—the cost of a printing press or a broadcast tower—have evaporated. Of […] | Read more.

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Maria Popova: content curation is a new kind of authorship


Maria Popova: Twitter is a medium of conversational direction and a discovery platform for the text and conversations that matter. | Read more.

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Robert Krulwich on the future of journalism


From Robert Krulwich: If you can … fall in love, with the work, with people you work with, with your dreams and their dreams. Whatever it was that got you to this school, don’t let it go. | Read more.

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