Is the open Web dead?

Tim O’Reilly and Chris Anderson debate the future of online media: will the open Web be trumped by proprietary platforms where economic advantage can be captured? I can see why the professional content developers like Wired would think so and why Internet platform evangelists like O’Reilly would be agnostic about the ebb and flow of open and closed access. But it all comes down to what you mean by the term “Web.” (via @patrlynch)

Anderson: “Today, in 2010, it is not surprising that many of the biggest media companies in the world have had enough. The Web experiment, on which they invested billions (no doubt unwisely, but spent all the same), has shown its limits. The competition for attention is growing, thanks to the Web’s low barriers to entry, and the advantages of high-production content (from TV to, yes, magazines) are lost in the browser-centric marketplace.”

O’Reilly: “In the end, companies make decisions about open versus closed and proprietary on competitive grounds. The art of promoting openness is not to make it a moral crusade, but rather to highlight the competitive advantages of openness, and to knit together the strategies of companies who might otherwise find themselves left out of the game.”

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