Lamb and Groom lament open education

“Has the wave of the open web crested, its promise of freedom crashed on the rocks of the proprietary web? Can open education and the corporate interests that control mainstream Web 2.0 co-exist? What does ‘open educational technology’ look like, and does it stand for anything?

“Do higher education institutions dare seize a mission of public service in fostering an open web worthy of the name? Can ambition and idealism prevail in an age of economic austerity? Finally, what is the role of the open educational technologist—that is, the ‘open ed tech’?

When reading this article in the EDUCAUSE Review, I had to remind myself that Brian and Jim were writing from their vantage points within institutions of higher education and that they were focusing on the evils of proprietary services. I wonder if open platforms like WordPress were worth more than a mention.

The fact that sustainable business models exist for these commercial DIY services means that online learning has now become integrated with the platform, no longer needing institutional gurus. We can all do it! Now, how do we encourage people to choose the open over the closed services.

Finally, more and more learning opportunities are moving from Academia into the world at large. How will educational institutions evolve from monopoly providers to valued curators?

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