Learn english with pop ballad sing alongs

This is an interesting curation story on several levels.

Song lyrics about loneliness and connection, published along with a half-dozen ad overlays: http://bit.ly/5tLNPB. A number one pop radio hit in early 1985: http://bit.ly/9aexX8. Video with archetypal imagery: http://bit.ly/15JhxK.

Greek language channel adds tacky overlay graphics to dozens of other 80s pop tunes: http://bit.ly/b82Mgx.

A story of rich white rockers being show what love is by the New Jersey Mass choir of the Gospel Music Workshop of America: http://bit.ly/af5Biu.

Alternative video set in Civil War black regiment by Rappers Against Racism: http://bit.ly/9Skmuc.

Wikipedia declares article needs complete rewrite: http://bit.ly/13Pxn7.

Unauthorized use of copyrighted material to YouTube as a teaching tool.  30,000 views in 6 months.

English-language learning favorite: the most important 5 words in the  English language: http://bit.ly/ahjARg.

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