Nils Peterson on networked learning

“The Internet [is] about information abundance. The way to obtain value is not in controlling a scarce resource, the value is to be had in the ability to extract value from the mass of information, by organizing it, filtering it, ‘chunking’ it” What he called an ‘information theory of value.’

“I believe that the shift from information scarcity to information abundance, and from scarcity of feedback from a community of practice to abundance of feedback alters the dynamic of the university as an institution and the role of the new scholar seeking to make a career there. The ‘Academy’ is a concept from a time of information scarcity that needs to adapt itself to the world of information abundance.

I would add that this “sifting” is what I mean by “curation” and that my Noted & Quoted excerpts — and social bookmarks, in general — are about curation: collecting what I think are the most meaningful ideas and sharing them.

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  1. Yes, I think there are two kinds of skills (or processes) and both fit my sense of ‘curation.’ One is data visualization (see Hans Rosling, a couple great TED talks) the other is the work we do connecting and amplifying bits of the web (such as this blog post) — see Connectivism.

    1. Thank you for the clarification and the pointer; I was, indeed, thinking about the second process. I will explore connectivism — and its relationship as a learning theory to constructivism — more deeply.

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