Open Web and closed apps: iPad and the future of journalism

“It is finally sinking in that mobile devices are part of the Internet. The iPad doesn’t set us up for a return to pre-Internet business models. The web is not dead. Mobile devices may not be serving up content in a web browser as often as on our laptops and desktops, but regardless what app is used to serve up the content, it is being served from the Internet, and the Internet has changed the world too much for this model to make sense anymore….

Comments: “Radio did not kill journalism, television did not kill journalism and the Internet has not killed journalism. They each merely redefined it….

“Old media is just scared, same thing was when trains first arrived. The old establishment opposed the build out of train system, which prelonged the transportation industry some years….

“The network topology of information transfer is changing — a distribution monopoly (or close to it) has evolved into a roughly hub-and-spoke system that has shifted power toward information meritocracy. What traditional media doesn’t do well is value intermediate nodes in the increasingly flat distribution network. An ideal system would pay people (nodes in the network) who share information, and charge people who do not. The payment/charge should be pro rata for services rendered. In the new world, everyone is both the paper boy and the subscriber….

“Publishing has to adjust to the nature of consciousness and the global mind. Nothing else will work….”

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