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Treat Your Career as a Series of Stepping Stones

Treat your career as a series of stepping stones. With a little planning, every role you take, contact you make, or project you complete can help edge you towards your dream job. | Read more.

The Language of Human Thriving

Peter Benson: “I like to ask adults: ‘What is your highest aspiration for our young?’ No one has ever said, ‘This child of mine, my fondest wish is that they will ace statewide benchmark math and science test when they’re 16.'” | Read more.

UNE program tackles growing need for skilled health IT specialists

From MaineBiz Supported by a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the new health informatics program, which launched in January, is UNE’s first “competency-based” degree offering. It’s part of an emerging trend in higher education that recognizes there are millions of working adults who need to complete their first degree, earn a second or ... | Read more.

Event in Westbrook for IT professionals emphasizes skills, not degrees

Idexx workers share their nontraditional resumes at a celebration of Maine’s TechHire designation. | Read more.

Toward the Integral Internet

If Web 1.0 was the “published Web” and The Cluetrain Manifesto predicted what was to become the social Web (Web 2.0), I believe the next iteration, Web 3.0, will be the “Integral Internet.” | Read more.

Designing an Agile Learning Culture for Teams and Organizations

CultureCon 2012I was fortunate to attend CultureCon in Boston, which focused on designing workgroup practices that embrace agile, nimble learning. This is the world into which our students will be growing. | Read more.

Toward Learner-centered Education in Maine

To illustrate learner-centered instruction in action, the Maine Department of Education funded a series of videos focusing on students and teachers at schools that are leading the way. | Read more.

Learning for change

New Brunswick schoolsThe New Brunswick Department of Education has captured the shift toward learner-centered education with this energetic video. | Read more.

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