Snuggly the Security Bear /@MarkFiore

"Hi there, I'm Snuggly the Security Bear.... We're going to make the Internet wiretap friendly because we want you to be sunggly and safer... just like they do in Saudi Arabia and Dubai.... Besides, how do we know who to watch, unless we watch all of you?" "The right of the people to be secure... Continue Reading →

American #creativity is declining /@newsweek

"Creativity scores had been steadily rising, just like IQ scores, until 1990. Since then, creativity scores have consistently inched downward.... It is the scores of younger children in America—from kindergarten through sixth grade—for whom the decline is 'most serious'.... "Highly creative adults tended to grow up in families embodying opposites. Parents encouraged uniqueness, yet provided... Continue Reading →

The movement for open government software

"Code for America was founded to help the brightest minds of the Web 2.0 generation transform city governments. Cities are under greater pressure than ever, struggling with budget cuts and outdated technology. What if, instead of cutting services or raising taxes, cities could leverage the power of the web to become more efficient, transparent, and... Continue Reading →

Urban-rural divide no more via @Richard_Florida

"There's a new 'creative class' in town. Or, more accurately, out of town. Increasingly, young entrepreneurs, activists, and small-business owners are trying to make lives that blend the wildness of the city with the wellness of the country.... "Even city evangelists ... recognize that the future of cities depends, in part, on their capacity to... Continue Reading →

Are marketing images damaging your brand?

"On the Web, traditional marketing images are increasingly being seen as useless annoyances by customers. They undermine the credibility of the brand.... "('This looks like an ad. I’m not here to buy anything; I’m here to get something done.') but also poisoned the drawing power of words at or below their level on our home... Continue Reading →

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