Hosting criteria

Hosting costs

Annual hosting costs

Network connectivity

Hosting server/service

Database server

Back-up and restore services
Administrative costs

Hosting technologies

Server environment
Operating system
Web server
Database server


Redundant Firewall

Redundant backbone connections

Uninterruptible power back-up

24/7 network monitoring

24/7 server monitoring

Weekly backups

Criteria for hosting

Connectivity and uptime

Monthly bandwidth Unlimited 8

Connectivity uptime 99.9% annual network connectivity 10
Web server uptime 99.9% annual server operation 10
Database uptime 99.9% annual database operation 10
Storage Space Unlimited 7
Client support
Toll free general phone support 24/7 6
Live chat assistance 24/7 4
E-mail tech support Response within 4 hours 7
Online tutorials & knowledge base 8
Account management
Control Panel Cpanel 9
Server-level password management Cpanel, .htpasswd 7
Editable Mime Types 5
Editable Apache Handlers 3
Cron Jobs 6
IP Banning/Filtering 4
Redirect URL Cpanel, .htaccess 7
Server Side Includes (SSI) 4
Canonical redirection (no www) 5
FTP management
FTP accounts Control panel configuration 6
FTP home directories Control panel configuration 4
Database management
phpMyAdmin 9
Remote database access 6
PHP and scripting technology
PHP 5.3, 5.2, 5.1, 5.0 10
GD library, ImageMagick, CURL 7
Zend Optimizer 9
Mod_rewrite, .htaccess 10

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