Hua Mulan (Wikipedia)

"Hua Mulan is a heroine who joined an all-male army, described in a Chinese poem known as the Ballad of Mulan. The poem was first written in the Musical Records of Old and New from the 6th century ... Over time, the story of Hua Mulan rose in popularity as a folk tale among the... Continue Reading →

The Evolution Of Life in 60 Seconds on Vimeo

"Everything — from the formation of the Earth, to the Cambrian Explosion, to the evolution of mice and squirrels — is proportionate to everything else, displaying humankind as a blip, almost indiscernible in the layered course of history." The Evolution Of Life in 60 Seconds on Vimeo

Dear Colleague (Yi-Fu Tuan)

"Conversation—real conversation—is possible only between people who share a world-view at the deepest level. Given that shared world-view, all sorts of topics may then be broached, all sorts of disagreements risked, without putting an end to the conversation and to the relationship. The superficiality of conversation in our time has to do with the absence... Continue Reading →

2009 Iranian election protests – Wikipedia

"Twitter in particular has been a key central gathering site during the protests. The U.S. State Department urged the company to postpone a scheduled network upgrade that would have briefly put the service offline ... 'because events in Iran were tied directly to the growing significance of Twitter as an important communication and information network'."... Continue Reading →

Historical Tweets

"Most people think Twitter was 'created' in 2006. These are same people who think Richard Gere created Buddhism in the 1990's. ... Folks, like the sun, moon, and stars, Twitter has always been. This site proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt. ... Now, with Historical Tweets, history's most amazing men and women can... Continue Reading →


"A web platform for publishing collections and exhibitions online. Designed for cultural institutions, enthusiasts, and educators, Omeka is easy to install and modify and facilitates community-building around collections and exhibits." Omeka

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