Why are colleges flunking Web strategy 101? by @jeffcram

“While non .edu organizations are aggressively moving digital to the center of their business, colleges are still largely wrestling with 1.0 problems. Even tactical wins such as adopting new social media tools tend to be a smoke screen to addressing bigger issues around strategic alignment of the Web.

“While colleges fumble at the controls, the evolution of mobile, social, video and Web publishing are transforming the way higher education engages students online. There’s a growing sense of urgency from higher education leaders I talk to that the digital status quo is unacceptable….

“The core team is usually woefully understaffed and relegated to customer service tasks, rather than driving new strategic projects. Throw in a dotted line relationship to IT and a highly political environment, and you’ve got an ineffective operating model at best and a toxic one at worst….

“The successful institutions have strong executive leadership, a clear vision and minimal stakeholders driving decision making. They are building a larger core Web team, and setting clear expectations for how decentralized Web authors contribute. It sounds like straightforward advice, but within the walls of academia it’s anything but.”

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