Wired first announces the Web is dead … on its website

The Wired story “The Web is dead” is certainly raising engagement with Wired magazine, proving that the open Web may be good for their (Chris Anderson’s) business after all.

Wired released its cover story package first to the Web, on Wired.com. You won’t find it in Wired‘s iPad edition, and it’s not out in print yet. The death of the web might be the “inevitable course of capitalism,” but it apparently pays better to deliver that news via a dying medium.

“Like any provocative editor, in other words, Anderson has people talking. … Now we get to sit back and watch as the author/consultant/editor tries to explain why nearly the entire conversation about the Death of the Web is happening on the Seemingly Quite Alive Web”

Read the comments.

“If web is dead, how am i reading this?  Oh my god—ZOMBIE WEB.

“According to the article, “the Web” does NOT include any of the following: email, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, and Pandora. Basically, the “Web” in his argument is all pure HTML sites, and in that case it’s been dead for some time.”

Excerpts from: Wired Says ‘The Web is Dead’ — On Its Increasingly Profitable Website.

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